Best NJ Farmers Markets New Jersey

What are the best NJ Farmers Markets New Jersey and why?

We are Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit, and we sell our natural foods at Farmers Markets all over New Jersey. A team that covers more than 20 Farmers Markets per week keep us on top of everything. We chose our top three farmers markets in New Jersey that are constantly flourishing, growing each year with new customers. Here, we have picked the three that we consider the best:

Ramsey New Jersey Farmers Market on Sundays
Summit New Jersey Farmers Market on Sundays
The Newark NJ Downtown District Farmers Market on Thursdays

There are various different reasons on why these three made our list of the best NJ Farmers Markets. Primarily, it is that they are the most profitable for us. Our number one reason has to do with the customers who come weekly or every few weeks. Some of these customers we have known for years. So naturally, they help make the day more joyful by joking around with the workers at the stand and they know exactly what they are looking for.

The constant flow of customers and great friendly people is what always makes us happy and lets us serve a lot of customers. We have all different customers from different ethnic backgrounds so we try and offer fruits and nuts that have a cultural significance. Some have been coming for years and some for weeks but when they show up we have to be stocked. With participating at Farmers Markets you don’t get a second chance to serve customers in a single day.

We love Summit and Ramsey markets most of all. Because these two markets get a mixture of old and new customers. The constant flow of old and new customers every week is what a dried fruit and nuts stand needs to survive and be profitable. New customers buy smaller amounts and take more time and require giving them extra information. We have to give the customers all of the information that we receive from the farmers and importers.

Factors That Make The Best NJ Farmers Markets

The Downtown Newark Farmers Market is more of a diverse customer base, which we love working with as well. We have been participating in the PSE&G market between Broad Street and Raymond BLVD for seven years now. Would we give it up for anything? Absolutely not. We get so many returning customers over the years that we become part of their community and routine. Once these customers know how good and reasonable our pricing is over a supermarket then they come back for more. They also bring us more customers to our stands by word of mouth. The Downtown Newark Farmers Market has a great community behind it.

For all of the vendors in the markets, most of our day-to-day sales depend on time of the year, time of the month, and the holidays. Weather is an important factor as well but we show up rain or shine. Most of us in the Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit team like to work when the weather is on the warmer side between 65 and 80 degrees but not hot. This is when we tend to bring in the most customers to the market.

There is one more factor that went into our choice of Ramsey, Summit, and Downtown Newark as our choice for the best NJ Farmers Markets. These three markets each have great scenic views while still being centrally located.

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