Bulk Diced Papaya

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Ingredients: Papaya, Sugar, Sulphur Dioxide, and FD&C Yellow 5.

These bulk diced papaya are plump cubes of delicious fruit. Our current customers know that we supply tropical dry paradise fruit wholesale. Our bulk diced papaya are delightfully orange in color, sweet, and guaranteed to give you a taste of the tropics. Dried papaya can be made as a healthy snack or added to your favorite dishes to make them more interesting.

What Is Papaya?

Papaya trees are thought to originate in southern Mexico and Central America. Thousands of years ago, papaya trees were first cultivated in present-day Mexico. Papaya trees are susceptible to damage in temperatures below -2 degrees centigrade. Therefore, it prevents them from growing in climates with frosts in the colder months.

Brazil and India are the major players in the papaya production game today. Together, they produce over half of the world’s total tropical fruit. As of 2018, there has been a global production of 13.3 million tons of papaya.

Why We Sell Papaya

Together with farmers worldwide, we can get customers the freshest prunes possible. With eCommerce, we can get fresh prunes directly from the farms and the processors. As a consequence, no food is standing around. We only get fresh bulk diced papaya from the farms and industrial dryers. These dried papaya cubes are softer than you might get from a supermarket.

Our bulk diced papaya will make you smile with its orange color.

  • They are bite-sized cubes and ideal for snacking.
  • We recommend mixing them with our diced pineapple and adding them to oatmeal or yogurt. Giving you a tropical breakfast.
  • Papaya finds homes in several baked goods. Add papaya if you want to spice up your baking with tropical colors.

How Long Will It Take You To Get This Papaya

We can pack and ship as many bulk diced papaya as you want, from 10 pounds to 10,000 pounds or more. We can send you fresh pallets of dried papaya if the price is right.

We work with the best and biggest harvesters and processors of papaya in America, Mexico, Kenya, and beyond. When you order, some of these companies could include:

How To Store Dried Papaya

Storing papaya is no different than other dried fruit. These dry papaya cubes will stay soft and fresh in the refrigerator or pantry for six to twelve months. For a longer time you can also keep them fresh in the freezer for up to eighteen months.

Packed Full Of Goodness

Papaya is an excellent source of antioxidants and soluble dietary fiber. They also contain healthy amounts of folic acid and vitamin C with trace amounts of other essential nutrients.

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