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Ingredients: Mango.

One of our most popular dry fruits is the mango. It is nutritionally rich in flavor, has a unique fragrance and taste, and has health benefits. We bring you our dried natural mango slices—much more excellent quality and better value than you are likely to find at the supermarket. We are here to serve customers looking to save money on wholesale organic mango in large amounts.

About Our Bulk Organic Mango

Southern Asia has been home to mangoes for untold millennia. The region has cultivated them for thousands of years, reaching eastern Asia by the 4th century BCE. Mangoes then eventually spread throughout the world. Mainly to all the frost-free climates in tropical and subtropical regions that can support their growth. The most significant sources of mangoes

The most significant sources of mangoes in the world are India, closely followed by China. Interestingly, India only exports about one percent of its total mango production.


Our dried Bulk Organic Mango is colorful, naturally delicious, and great for your health!

  • Being natural, they are a bit more challenging to chew, but the extra effort is SO worth it!
  • You can enjoy our Organic Mango as a snack while craving something sweet.
  • You can also enjoy chopping them up as a topping, from ice cream and oatmeal to baked goods.


You can store our bulk organic mango slices in your pantry or the refrigerator for up to a year. If you freeze them in an airtight container, they will last indefinitely in your freezer.


Satisfying your craving for sweets has never been healthier than with our mango. They are rich in essential nutrients and dietary fiber. Bulk Organic Mango also provides an abundance of vitamin C which is vital for boosting your immune response.

If you are looking for a softer mango with the natural sugars kept in, we offer that. It is a less expensive mango because of the extra moisture. You can find our other bulk mango products here.

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