Bulk Raw Cashews


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Ingredients: Cashews.

The sight of a wholly intact nut is a thing of beauty. It’s also something that does not go unappreciated here at Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit. So, we just had to provide our customers with the options of buying whole versions of the nuts we offer. We are proud to offer our bulk raw cashews alongside many other favorites.

About Our Bulk Raw Cashews

Cashews are the seeds of the fruit of the cashew tree, which is often called the cashew apple or cashew pear. The cashew tree is, interestingly enough, an evergreen. Cashews originated from South America, specifically what is today northeastern Brazil. Today, they are widely grown and cultivated in India, Vietnam, and Nigeria. These regions today stand at the top of the list of main production countries.

Due to high toxicity levels in the fruit around the cashew seed, they are not available in the red fruit shell.



These wholesale raw cashews, like all nuts and seeds, have a high oil content, need to be refrigerated or frozen to maintain optimal freshness. They will only keep a few months in your pantry, but will keep for six months in your fridge. If you freeze, however, they will stay fresh for even up to a year.

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