Bulk Calimyrna Figs


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Ingredients: Figs.

At Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit, we’re proud to bring fresh figs to you. Specifically, our Calimyrna Figs, also known as Sierra Figs and California Figs. Certainly, high in fiber and high in honey taste when dried.

About Our Bulk Calimyrna Figs

Many ancient cultures consider Fig trees to be sacred. These include ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, China, and many more. Figs have been long hailed as a paradise fruit.  In many fables and religious texts, figs find referenced as the fruit of the heavens.

Figs are also known as the only fruit that fully ripens and dries on the tree. As a consequence of the word ‘Calimyrna’ sounding just like ‘California’, you will find both of these words find used to describe the same, exact fig.



Bulk Calimyrna Figs will stay fresh in your pantry or your refrigerator for up to one year. If you opt to freeze them, they will stay fresh for up to a year and a half. To sum up, they will keep fresh indefinitely when frozen and stored right in an airtight container.


Our figs are excellent sources of dietary fiber. One serving of them provides roughly twenty percent of the recommended value per day. Accordingly, these wholesale Calimyrna figs also provide essential vitamins and minerals including potassium, iron, and calcium. These nutrients are all necessary for proper and healthy functioning.

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