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Ingredients: Almonds, Vegetable Oil (Canola, Safflower, and Sunflower), Salt, Corn Maltodextrin, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Yeast, Hydrolyzed Corn And Soy Protein, And Natural Flavors.

Our customers asked us for more almond options. We are proud to offer our bulk smokehouse almonds. Almonds are covered in a smoky flavor and an audible crunch. They have become one of our most popular products.

About Our Bulk Smokehouse Almonds

Almonds trace their origins to the Middle East and Central Asia. One of the earliest cultivated fruit trees is the selection of the sweet almond that we enjoy today. It a far different from the bitter, cyanide-containing almond varieties in their original form. In other words, almonds are the finest example of fruit domestication. Specifically, our almonds are carefully chosen from the world’s top almond crops, roasted for extra crunch, tossed in a smokey spice blend, and delivered fresh to your doorstep.


  • Our bulk smokehouse almonds lend a savory note to trail mixes and granolas. They are making a protein-packed snack on their own.
  • Give vegetarian food an umami boost and a “meaty” flavor with a smokehouse flavor.
  • Try making almond butter from these bulk smokehouse almonds. The combination of creamy and smoky flavors on toast is dynamite.
  • Smoked almonds add a sophisticated flair to any cheese or charcuterie board.
  • Substitute almonds for any nut called for in a dessert recipe.


Due to their high oil content, we recommend storing almonds in the refrigerator. In particular, when kept in a cold place, their shelf life is six months to a year. They will keep well for the passing year in the freezer. Indeed, you could defrost them and re-freeze them without losing flavor or texture. Almonds are common for trail mixes because they do well in the heat.


Click here to read the entire list of the nutritional benefits of almonds.

Almonds are rich in protein. This makes them an ideal part of a diet for anyone looking to build muscle. , they increase your protein intake. In conclusion, almonds also contain high levels of biotin, vitamin e, and manganese, among other nutrients.

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