Bulk Medjool Dates


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Ingredients: Dates With Pits.

Meaty, moist, and decadent are words to define our dates. We sell Wholesale Medjool Dates with pits in order to keep the flavor in.

About Our Bulk Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates are the fruit of the date palm, which traces its origins to the Middle East and North Africa. As their cultivation records go back to as early as 5000 BCE, dates have been a staple food of those regions for millennia.

Later on in history, The first trader to write about eating dates while traveling the world was IBN Batutta, 1304-1369 AD. Subsequent traders spread different varieties of dates to be used in the rest of the world. Most popular today is the Medjool Date.


Often regarded as the ‘King of the Dates’. They also dry the Medjool Date to prevent spoiling and improve its lifespan.


If you need to store most of these wholesale Medjool Dates, they will last for up to two months in a pantry. If you refrigerate them, they will last for up to a year.

You can also freeze them and they will still taste their best for up to two years. Many people that grew up eating dates will tell you that they will last for ten years when you freeze them. We would not recommend keeping your dates frozen for a decade.


Medjool Dates are hailed for their nutritious value. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, which are essential to balancing blood sugar. Dates are also high in certain essential minerals; manganese, copper, and magnesium. They also pack enough potassium as three bananas! Medjool Dates also deserve a ton of appreciation for being naturally sweet, requiring no added sugar.

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