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Ingredients: Walnuts

Our company believes that customers want to pay for fresh walnuts. The oils determine how great your digestion and health can be. We pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line bulk nuts.

What Are Walnuts?

According to Wikipedia, walnuts originated in ancient Persia thousands of years ago. They are commonly known as the oldest type of tree food known to ancient humanity and date back as early as 7,000 BC. Walnuts were a vital trade commodity along the Silk Road trading route connecting Asia to the Middle East.

Now, we can find walnuts in markets worldwide on a commercial level. Specifically, most commercially sold walnuts grow in the United States. California is famous for its English walnuts, which we sell here.

Why We Sell These Bulk Walnut Halves And Pieces

Together with American farmers, we can get customers the freshest walnuts possible. With eCommerce, we can get you fresh walnuts directly from the farms and the processors. Nothing is standing around. We get you only fresh bulk walnuts.

Walnuts are nuts covered in healthy oils. They are considered healthy and great for optimal performance. The reason is these oils. Because customers love getting these fresh walnut oils. Speed is our best service.

Our bulk walnut halves and pieces are a symbol of the quality that we provide.

  • The handful can be eaten as a snack, which we highly recommend.
  • You can also mix them with nuts, dried fruit, and seeds for a healthy trail mix.
  • Use them in baking and other sorts of confectionary creations.

How Long Will It Take To Get You These Walnuts

We can pack and ship as many of these bulk walnut halves and pieces as you want. From 10 pounds to 10,000 pounds or more. We can have fresh pallets of walnuts sent to you.

We work with some of America’s best and biggest walnut growers and processors. When you order, some of these companies could include:

Storing Our Bulk Walnut Halves And Pieces

Like many nuts and seeds with high oil contents, you should only keep walnuts in the pantry for two to four weeks. Therefore, we highly recommend refrigeration, where they will stay fresh for up to six months. However, you can keep your walnuts in the freezer for up to a year.

Nutrients Rich With Goodness

Click here to read the entire list of the nutritional benefits of walnuts.

Our bulk Walnut Halves and Pieces, like all walnuts, contain a significant amount of vitamin B6. They also are rich in dietary fiber and protein. Walnut Halves and Pieces are also excellent sources of other B vitamins like folic acid, thiamine, and riboflavin. They also contain healthy manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron.

If you want something smaller, check out our bulk walnut pieces.

Certified Walnut Halves and Pieces

We offer twenty-five-pound boxes that are certified by a variety of authorities in the United States.

USDA Organic Certification

These boxes have the USDA Organic Seal for food grows with fewer pesticides. The USDA organic seal is an official mark with protection by federal regulation and overseen by the National Organic Program (NOP), a program in the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Furthermore, certified farms and businesses have authorization to use the seal to identify their products as organic.

Chicago Kosher Certification

These boxes have the Kosher Certification from the Chicago Rabbinical Council. The largest regional Orthodox organization in North America, the cRc is a not-for-profit offering a wide variety of Jewish services including kosher product. We are proud to offer Kosher-certified product from an global authority.

Vegan.Org Certification
These boxes have the Vegan.org certification for not containing animal products or byproducts and have not been tested on animals. Clearly, the certified logo is easily visible to consumers interested in vegan products. Helping vegans to shop without constantly consulting ingredient lists.

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