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Ingredients: Almonds (Pasteurized).

Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit is a proud provider of raw pasteurized almonds. We especially choose only the highest-quality sources for our products. These bulk raw almonds are the cream of the almond crop, coming directly to you from ports across America.

What Are Almonds?

These almonds trace their origins to the Middle East and Central Asia. Before the earliest cultivation and domestication of fruit trees, this selection of sweet almonds is a food we can safely enjoy today. Subsequently, we eat almonds a long way from the bitter cyanide-containing almond varieties of the past. Undoubtedly, this is a great example of one of the latest plants to be domesticated.

Eventually, these bulk raw almonds came to be grown in California. This crop is carefully chosen from the world’s top almond-producing areas. Delivered fresh from California to doorsteps all over the world.

We commercially sell almonds nationwide. Specifically, 95% of commercial almond sales are products that grow in the United States. California is famous for its almonds, which we sell here.

Why We Sell These Bulk Raw Almonds

We want to sell almonds from the greatest American farmers we can find. We can get customers the freshest almonds possible. With eCommerce, we can get fresh almonds directly from the farms and the processors. Nothing is standing around. We get you only fresh bulk raw almonds.

Our bulk raw almonds symbolize the quality and variety we offer. A handful is best eaten as a snack, our highest recommendation to curb hunger. You can also mix them with dried fruit for a healthy trail mix. We especially receive inquiries from bakeries about their confectionary creations.

How Long Will It Take To Get You These Almonds

We can pack and ship as many of these bulk raw almonds as you want From 10 pounds to 10,000 pounds or more. We can also send you fresh boxes and pallets of almonds.

We work with some of America’s best and biggest almond growers and processors. When you order, some of these companies could include:

Almond Uses

  • Some of the best uses of these almonds would be to replace unhealthy fried snacks; just a handful will provide you with a protein and vitamin-packed snack. A satisfying way to curb your between-meal cravings.
  • For breakfast, sprinkle almonds over yogurt, oatmeal, or your favorite cereal: a filling and nutritious way to start the day.
  • Try topping your favorite salad recipes with these almonds, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds. This is a satisfying way to add protein and organic energy to any lunch or dinner, whether a main salad or a side salad.
  • Please save money and control your salt and additive intake using our almonds to create your almond butter at home. It’s easy and delicious, a great way to customize your homemade nut butter with fun flavors. Try including cinnamon, maple syrup, or chocolate if you’re feeling adventurous.
  • While cooking and baking, almonds lend a delightfully nutty flavor and a satisfying crunch to savory and sweet dishes. They have a variety of uses, from zesty Spanish Romesco sauce to decadent Indian Badam Halwah (soft almond fudge). Our raw almonds will transport flavors from around the world to your kitchen.
  • We do not recommend making almond milk with these almonds. They have gone through a pasteurization process, and you want unpasteurized almonds when making almond milk at home.

How To Store These Nuts

We recommend storing our bulk raw almonds in the refrigerator. The cold temperature will secure their freshness and keep their shelf life up to one year. They will also maintain freshness if you store them in a freezer for up to a year. Additionally, one of the great components of these almonds is their ability to defrost and re-freeze without loss of flavor or texture.

Almond Nutrients

Click here to read the entire list of the nutritional benefits of almonds.

Our almonds are rich in protein, making them an ideal part of a diet for anyone looking to build muscle or increase their protein intake. Almonds also contain high levels of biotin, vitamin E, and manganese, among other nutrients.

Other Almond Products To Enjoy

We offer three other almond products. They all come from the same farmers and processors. First, our Bulk Slivered Almonds Blanched. Second, our Bulk Sliced Natural Almonds. Finally, our Bulk Smokehouse Almonds.

Certified Raw Almonds

We offer twenty-five-pound boxes certified by various authorities in the United States.

USDA Organic Certification

These boxes have the USDA Organic Seal for growing food with fewer pesticides. The USDA organic seal is an official mark protected by federal regulation and overseen by the National Organic Program (NOP). This is a program in the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Furthermore, certified farms and businesses are authorized to use the seal to identify their products as organic.

Chicago Kosher Certification

These boxes have the Kosher Certification from the Chicago Rabbinical Council. The largest regional Orthodox organization in North America, the cRc is a not-for-profit offering various Jewish services, including kosher products. We are proud to offer Kosher-certified products from a global authority.

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