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Ingredients: Apricots.

These Bulk Organic Apricots are precisely like our apricots with sulfur added, only without the added sulfur. If you are looking for raw ingredients, this is the best raw product that we can offer. These raw apricots are more expensive, but many believe the raw version is more delicious.

These apricots have a sweet taste and stay moist when kept well. Almost all the apricots grown worldwide come from Turkey. The United States significantly contributes to the world’s production of apricots. Our Turkish farmer friends take pride in each apricot they grow.

What Are Apricots?

Apricots have been known to ancient Armenians for thousands of years. Alexander the Great introduced the fruit to the Ancient Greeks. Ancient cultures that cultivated the apricot included the ancient Persians, Romans, Greeks, and Armenians. The raw fruit arrived brown in color when it made it to the New World in the 1600s BCE. Settlers brought it to the English colonies.

Why We Sell Bulk Organic Apricots

Apricots are famous for their presence in a few classic European dishes. Chefs like using them for their:

  • Wonderful texture
  • The sweet yet tart flavor
  • Moistness.

Our customers often enjoy them as a simple yet nutritious snack. Like they do in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Apricots are also an excellent addition to Greek yogurt or whole oats. You can also chop them up and add them to your muffin batter.

How Long Will It Take You To Get Our Apricots

We can pack and ship as many dry apricots as you want, from 10 pounds to 10,000 pounds or more. If the price is right, we can send you fresh pallets of apricots.

We work with some of the best and biggest Turkish and American harvesters and processors of apricots.  When you order, some of these companies could include:

How To Store Dried Apricots

Fresh apricots left out can go sour in a few days. Therefore, dried apricots will stay fresh for much longer. They can be a perfect fruit to keep in your life year-round under good conditions.

For good taste over 12 months, you can store our bulk organic apricots in a dark and cool environment, like a pantry. If you properly seal and freeze them instead, they will stay fresh for up to two years. Significantly, refrigeration is recommended to keep them soft without turning sour.

Nutrients Rich With Goodness

Click here to read the entire history of the drying process of apricots.

Apricots are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. They have many uses, and researchers are still studying them for potential remedies and health benefits.

Like most dried fruit, our wholesale dried apricots are full of dietary fiber, which helps with digestion. Wholesale organic apricots also contain significant levels of beta-carotene. Specifically, beta-carotene is a nutrient found in most orange-colored fruits and vegetables that the body metabolizes into vitamin A. They are also rich in niacin and vitamin B6.

We also sell bulk amounts of the more traditional dried orange apricots. You can find our bulk sulfured apricots here.

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