About Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit

Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit was established in 2020. The company is a wholesale operation. Our products go to all kinds of individuals for their daily use and commercial food items for resale. Nuts, dried fruit, and seeds are popular snack foods and ingredients in many recipes. Wholesale purchasing of these products can provide benefits such as lower cost per unit, larger quantities for storage, and convenience for businesses.

About Wholesale Nuts And The Farmers We Serve

Our mission is to serve local farmers, processors, and communities by selling their food. We service online consumers, from individuals to caterers and restaurants. Product manufacturers depend on us to find the right fit for their supply.

We receive shipments daily.  The warehouse brings in hundreds of pounds and sends out hundreds each week. Our suppliers and we constantly test every product. We work to get the product from the farmers to the end customers as fast and as fresh as possible.

We only pack boxes when you, as the customer, order. That keeps our inventory and our prices low. If you need a sample, ask us for one. We want to learn what you are working on and what we can help you with. Food prices only go up so buy in bulk with us.

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