Carolina Lavayen Interview

Carolina Lavayen is the Owner of the business, Plant-Based Consultants. She works closely with GMO-Free Florida but also has her own business. Her role includes providing plant-based nutrition consultations to clients. She helps ‘veganize’ businesses in order to promote an organic, plant-based diet. A whole-food, plant-based diet is the healthiest and most sustainable diet we can promote. At Plant-Based Consultants, Carolina supports the transition into an optimal lifestyle.

Carolina Lavayen Veganizing Businesses in Florida

Carolina Lavayen has a focus on individuals and couples while offering her service to businesses in the Florida area. She leads workshops and cooking classes in South Florida communities. Her hope is to offer her counseling practice digitally with a new website. By doing so, she can offer customers the option to buy specific meal plans and customized recipes.


Some people don’t want to eat soy. Some people don’t want to eat beans. Carolina believes that it’s important to get a feel for the person and what their specific goals are. Different people have different goals in terms of fitness and nutrition. It’s also important to tailor to specific tastes; what they like and what they do not like. A well-laid-out dietary plan should be something that you can appreciate on a daily basis. We have to find the foods that we enjoy. We need to make that a part of our routine permanently in order to sustain something that works. They also have to allow people to feel their best by catering to special dietary needs.

After starting her career in a corporation, she left it to start her own vegan-based company. The corporate business “was not making me happy. I did not want to be a part of the corporate world. It was giving me extreme levels of anxiety and it just wasn’t me. And I finally started listening at the beginning of the year to what my heart really wanted and it was not that.” She quit the corporate world in February 2018 to start Plant-Based Consultants. She now gets to work on something productive for her community, for the world, and for the children.

Plant-Based Consultants Following A Movement in Nutrition

Plant-Based Consultants is trending toward what is projected to be coming in the future. Aligning with healthy eating encourages more of the population each day to eat clean food. So, if there are 3% more vegans every year or if is a 5% increase in the people that know what GMOs are every year, then all she has to do is exactly what she is doing now. Plant-Based Consultants will continue to grow for quite some time.

Carolina Lavayen considers it as a movement because it is truly what is most sustainable for ourselves and everyone else. Plant-based eating is becoming more common because people are realizing that this is a better option for themselves and the planet. Plant-Based Consultants are exactly the kind of businesses that we need to be supporting for a better future. It’s about effecting long-term changes in your life that are more sustainable for yourself as well as for everyone and everything else.

Certifying Non-GMO Products


It is a goal of Carolina Lavayen’s veganizing businesses in the Florida area that she can work with promoting GMO-Free Florida. G.F.F. is a non-profit organization with an overlapping goal: to reduce chemical exposure to marketed food in the Florida food supply. GMO-Free Florida is working on banning glyphosate. They have already received a win on labeling GMOs, which is the first step in their mission to raise awareness and stop GMO proliferation.

GMOs were created by the Monsanto Cooperation to modify food crops so that they would be able to better resist the same herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides that they themselves sell. Monsanto has now been purchased and changed their name to Bayer. Bayer is over one hundred years old. It is also recognized as a trustworthy company that supplies medicine. Ironically, they bought out a fertilizer and herbicide chemical company that is fighting several lawsuits over their chemicals causing cancer.

Glyphosate was created by Monsanto and is considered the enemy

This chemical is part of Roundup, the main herbicide with users all over the country and all over the world to keep bugs from eating our food supply. Glyphosate was recently proven in court to be cancerous. Now that we know how these chemicals are affecting us, we can present to our local government offices and say, “Look this is cancerous.” They are spraying it in our schools. They are spraying it in our public parks and all these public areas and our children are walking on these cancerous chemicals and we’re not okay with this.

You know, most people are not aware and that’s why we’re here at these kinds of events to raise awareness about these kinds of situations and encourage people to also speak out about it and go to their local government offices and say, “We know that this is going on and we’re not okay with it and we need to stop this.”

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