Your Farmers Market Questions Answered

There are many different questions customers ask about our nuts and dried fruits. We answer all these questions at the outdoor farmers market stands that our customers operate. We sell our products along with farmers and growers of all kinds. Here are the top four Farmers Market questions we get.

“Do any of the products that you carry have sulfates added to them?”

Our answer is some do but not all by any means. Apricots are a great example. We sell both the unsulfured or brown or organic apricots. Also, we offer the orange apricots with the sulfur added.

“What country of origin do your products come from?”

Where ever that product is grown naturally is usually is where it comes from. We tell our customer that the apricots come from Turkey or the Almonds come from California because the are well known suppliers. Macadamia nuts used to be a product of Hawaii but now California and Mexico are becoming more dominant suppliers of this nut. Many of our items are imported from different countries but most dried fruits and many nuts are grown right here in the U.S.A..

“Do you carry all natural products with no additives or the least amount of additives?”

We carry many natural items with a healthier way to preserve a product or no preservatives at all. Some are completely organic and you can tell those by their price. Organic farming is always expensive. We always have both option for the health fanatics including us here at Gourmet Nuts And Dried Fruit.

“Do Outdoors Farmer Markets really have better products then grocery stores?”

This one of the farmers market questions is one that you should answer for yourself. We have many customers that come to our outdoor farmers market because they do believe they are getting much more fresh quality products. A lot of the times it is a healthier option, a lot of the vendors make their foods fresh daily. Customers appreciate that we seal our containers to keep in the freshness. During the summer, we run through so many thousands of pounds of dried fruit and nuts that we have fresh product because we order fresh each week. We sustain the freshness and quality for a long time with properly storing in a refrigerated unit. All the products locked in air tight sealed plastic bags or glass container.

Tips for running a nut and dried fruit stand at farmers market are retaining the freshness and quality of your products. Be an outgoing source of knowledge as a friendly vendor to your customers. Also, get to know your customers and their likings. It always makes them happy when you already know their weekly orders!