Naturally Fit Super Show

All About the Naturally Fit Super Show

Naturally Fit is the world’s premiere natural pro and amateur bodybuilding competition. The Naturally Fit Super Show takes place every year in Austin, Texas. The event will take place on Saturday, June 23 at the Round Rock Performing Arts Center in Austin, and up to $63,000 will be awarded in prizes throughout the course of the event.

In addition to bodybuilding competitions, the Naturally Fit Super Show also includes Physique, Figure, Men’s Physique, and Bikini Competitions, as well as a Transformation Competition.

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Coming to Austin Texas in 2018, is the large annual event, The Naturally Fit Super Show Competition. The Naturally Fit Federation (NFF) also holds pro bodybuilding, bikini, and pro physique competitions and other competitions and shows throughout the year.

How did Naturally Fit get it’s start? What is the actual meaning of being “naturally fit”? What does the NFF represent today?

The History of Naturally Fit

Naturally Fit was founded in 2007 by David Lee Nall. It has since grown into something much more than it was in the very beginning. Nall began his career in the fitness industry in 1995 as a personal trainer and then moved on to managing a variety of health clubs. He then began a leadership role as the president of a franchise company. In 2007, with all of this relevant experience behind him, Nall launched Naturally Fit. Nall remains a fitness model and competitive athlete to this day.

Naturally Fit Federation

After its launch, Naturally Fit soon grew into the Naturally Fit Federation. With a mission to give athletes the chance to compete in drug-fee competitions at nearly half the cost of most other federations and without the restrictions many other federations have for their competitors.

The Naturally Fit Agency is another entity under the Naturally Fit umbrella. The agency provides pro-athletes representation within the industry by the world’s leading natural pro-bodybuilding organization. The focus is on advancing careers ethically and safely. The Naturally Fit Agency helps its clients find modeling gigs in commercials, print advertising, promo modeling, and other relevant projects. Models from this agency have feature placements in advertisements for Nike, Runner’s World Magazine, and more.

Keeping Naturally Fit And Drug-Free

The Naturally Fit Company And Agency is serious about keeping its competitors and federation members honest. The organization has a dedication to making sure that everyone associated with them has achieved their fitness through natural means. These competitors and models have not found any assistance by any performance-enhancing drugs.

The NFF takes drug use amongst participants very seriously. The NFF bans the use of illicit performance-enhancing substances, regardless of the reason for use. If any competitor or federation member is found using one of the banned substances, they are dismissed from NFF competitions and suspended from NFF membership for seven years.

Some of the NFF’s banned substances include anabolic steroids, prescription hormone medication, growth hormones, and many more. The full list of the NFF’s banned substances can be found here.

All competitors must submit to a polygraph test before competing in the Naturally Fit Super Show contest. This ensures that they have not used performance-enhancing drugs. Contestants may only opt out if they’ve taken an NFF polygraph test in the prior 90 days for another competition.

In addition to the polygraph test, all NFF pro-qualifying winners and professional division athletes undergo a urine test. This detect drugs in their system and disqualifies them for competition.

The lengths to which the NFF goes to keep drugs out of their competitions is demanding on the competitors. It demonstrates the seriousness with which the NFF regards performance-enhancing drug use.

Level Playing Field For Competitors

The federation must uphold such stringent standards and rules because the mission of the NFF is to provide a place for drug-free pro athletes to compete. The playing field must be fair and level. The NFF might have tighter requirements than any other fitness federation due to them staying true to their mission. They provide a competition for those who achieve their fitness, naturally. If there was a discovery at a later date that a winning competitor actually had performance-enhancing drugs in their system at the time of the competition, the NFF would lose all credibility as a drug-free athletic organization .

The NFF’s drug ban goes beyond competitions; in order to remain part of the NFF, all pro-qualifying winners must remain free of illegal performance-enhancing drugs for seven years.

The Naturally Fit Transformation Competition

Naturally Fit Transformation ContestOne of the largest body transformation events in Texas, the Naturally Fit Transformation Competition allows people to show off their journey to becoming naturally fit.

This is a competition in which contestants are judged on the magnitude of the fitness transformation they have made. Interestingly, competitors must submit their “before” pictures when they register several months before the competition. The fact that they register and submit their “before” photo at the same time is a motivation for a number of competitors. The implicit message is that if they wish to stand a chance at the competition, they must push themselves. Work hard to achieve outstanding results over the several months of the competition.

Transformation Competition Rules

Competition rules state that the “before” and “after” photos comprise 30% of a total of 100 points. The NFF strongly recommends having a professional photographer take the “after” photos for the best possible results.

Competitors must also submit a 250-word essay on their transformation journey, which can contribute another 20% to their total scores.

The competitors’ stats––which must include total weight lost but can also include circumference measurements and body fat percentage measurements––contribute the remaining 50% to the competitors’ total scores.

For this specific competition, anyone who has competed as a professional bodybuilder or fitness contestant is ineligible. Meaning that this contest has a design for those that are can work in the field but do not consider themselves professionals. Models, actors, trainers, performers, and passionate competitors with a desire to compete.

Over $3,000 in prizes is the award to those who win the Transformation Contest. They will earn a full-ride scholarships for the winners to become personal trainers. There is an additional scholarship that the winner can gift to another person. This will help another make a similar transformations in their own lives. Finally, they will receive a free box of fruits and nuts from Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit.