The Best Spring Detox Plans

Spring is all about change. Take advantage of the season which offers you a good reason to get in shape.

Spring refers to a season, which in deciduous climates, leads directly into the warmer months of summer, where fauna flourishes. Similarly, it has come to represent ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. It’s a great time to springboard yourself into a healthier lifestyle. A great way to commence a healthier outlook is with a safe detox.

Making Plans For A Spring Detox

The term detox when used in this sense is defined as a regimen or treatment intended to remove toxins and impurities from the body. There are several ways of doing this. Choosing a short regimen that combines several or all of them can be a great way to kick off a healthier approach to your general lifestyle.

The Global Healing Center tells us that within the natural healing community there are several accepted ways to detox your body.

List Of Ways To Detox

  • Choosing the right foods: Replace fast and processed foods with organic vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts.
  • Exercise and meditation: Exercise makes you sweat and sweat releases toxins through the skin; similarly, meditation helps you rid your mind of toxic thoughts.
  • Purifying the air you breathe: Purchase a high-quality air purifier. If that is outside of your budget then you can purchase a few houseplants.
  • Purifying your body with water: All of your body’s most basic functions require water.

A great idea for celebrating your health this spring may be customizing your own detox. Choose a number of days over which to incorporate each of the above four categories into your everyday life. For example, during week #1 you replace a processed or a fast food choice each day with a raw apple, a bag of almonds, or some organic carrot sticks. During week #2 you continue with your healthy food substitutes while you plan a shopping trip to purchase an air purifier or some natural plants for your home or apartment. Week #3, you now add 5 minutes of daily meditation and 3 weekly slots of cardiovascular exercise. Week #4 concludes with the addition of 6 glasses of water each day and the deletion of soda.

This is just one example of a 4-week Spring detox to greater health that you could create. The choices are endless. It can be just as much fun to customize your own routine. It can be lighter and healthier if you are planning it in advance.

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