Finding The Need For Detoxing From Sugar

Today, I went to go see a doctor for a physical. Driving back towards my home, I felt the hunger come on. The biggest issues with the trip home were being stuck in traffic and billboards for food of all kinds. The trip was lined with fast food restaurants. I passed the one diner that I knew on the way but then It was all junk food.

When I left the doctor’s office I was either going to eat crap to try and suppress my fear of what I might have or celebrate all the conditions that I do not have. Fatty liver, diabetes, and high cholesterol are so common and curable that it is silly. A combination of good food and good fitness are all reversible. Detoxing from sugar is the first step because without some cold turkey sugar will find its way back into your blood.

Making A Diet Starts With A Single Salad

Well, the salad won. I had the Atiya Ola avocado salad. They gave me double the tahini sauce which is a trick that I learned from my friend, Muneer. He passed away but shared Atiya Ola with me before his passing. I feel like the drive to eat the salad over the junk came after the visit to the doctor. Realizing how few options there are for a diabetic on the run. There is a great feeling that comes over you when you get a clean meal like an avocado salad. You feel clean and ready to take on the afternoon.

There will be many more Avocado salads. It is the healthiest thing to eat in all of West Philadelphia. No doubt. I feel like I am on the verge of detoxing from sugar. There are a few different ideas of how long that might take. I have had friends that are professionals say a week. The internet says ten days. Another friend in the medical field says two weeks. The basic definition is that you avoid any foods that come in a box, in a package, or in a can.  Nothing unnatural that requires a label. Sticking to real, whole, fresh foods. This also includes detoxing from grains as well. Most of all, no liquid sugar calories. Water or tea so that they can’t slide in any sugar or flour into the drinks.

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