Tu B’Shevat | The Jewish Holiday For New Year Of The Trees

Tu B’Shevat, the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shevat

Tu B’Shevat is coming up this weekend. This holiday is also called the New Year Of The Trees — an agricultural holiday whose culinary customs include eating several kinds of nuts, fruits, and seeds. Today, Israel celebrates the holiday as an ecological awareness day. Therefore on this day, the trees are planted in celebration.

Here in the US, the Jewish community marks the day of Tu B’Shevat by eating fruit. In particular, from the kinds that the Bible singled out, which include figs, olives, and dates. Celebrating the New Year Of The Trees means giving out bags of fruits from the trees that gave many their livelihood in the Middle East. Today, farming has become so mechanized and scientific that the holiday has lost a lot of significance.

Additionally, A savory and sweet nut and dried fruit gift assortment is a beautiful choice for co-workers, friends, family, and neighbors to anyone concerned with keeping this holiday and eating well. Some Synagogues may want to create an event giveaway and make their little bags of figs and dates. We can only imagine that some of the younger American kids may not know the taste of a fig or a date. This is their chance to try something new. Our ancestors have been eating and growing them for generations.

Do you want to learn more about the fruits from the bible? Then take a look at this list of fruits mentioned in the bible.

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