The Lowry Serves The Best Bar Nuts

From time to time, our blog will feature eateries around the country that get creative with that versatile snack we know so well. This week’s spotlight is on a Minneapolis favorite bar called The Lowry.

So I found out about The Lowry through Secrets of the City online daily digest of Twin Cities culture. Readers find links to important city-centric information and the best events of the day happening all over the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area. The website gives out a Secrets of the City Award at times and it bestowed one on the Lowry’s Bar Nuts.

Lowry – The New Urban Diner

The public knows the Lowry Bar for “Burgers, whiskey, oysters, and eggs”. However, they serve at least 20 wines by the glass and about 30 craft beers. These are all great to go with nuts. The Lowry belongs to the Blue Plate Restaurant Company owned by David Burley and Stephanie Shimp. They opened The Lowry in August 2011, one of eight restaurants. They describe the Lowry as the “new urban diner.”

The menu item that stood out to me on Lowry’s menu was the Bar Nuts. Some visitors to Minneapolis call them the ‘best bar nuts’. On trend currently is that many Nutritionists are recommending nuts over most fried foods. Served in a little glass, are spiced & candied walnuts, peanuts, and pecans, with mint & sea salt all for $4.25. Moreover, according to Secrets of the City, this addictive nut creation has it all. That “they’re sweet, they’re salty, they’re crunchy, there’s probably some umami in there somewhere.”

This creative nut snack is a famous order because Secrets of the City determined that an award should be given out. The customers have been “eating so much of something that they have to look up ‘how much will make someone sick?’.”

It is award-worthy, and frankly, maybe we can consider it the best bar nuts in America. So it’s a great idea for you to put together for your next party!

The Lowry
2112 Hennepin Ave – Minneapolis, MN 55405

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