Breweries Using Nuts In Their Beer Recipes

Everyone knows we can eat nuts alone or in recipes for thousands of snacks or meals. Grocery stores also stock nut milk and nut oils. I found out recently that we can also find nuts in beer. They also brew beer with the flavors of actual nuts. Some are earthy and roasted, and others can taste brown-sugar sweet.

Breweries Using Nuts

Mississippi’s first and only packaging brewery, Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. brews Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan. Its color is a mahogany brown ale, and they brew it with whole pecans. So it spotlights the nut’s earthiness in the aroma while you also taste sugar-coated, candied, pecan flavors.

Breweries Using Nuts In Their Recipes

Most peanut-flavored beers use peanut butter powder in their recipe. However, in Colorado is, one of the breweries using nuts at Pateros Creek Rattlesnake Jack makes a recipe a little differently. It brews it with actual dry-roasted unsalted peanuts, chipotles, and blackberries. According to experts at, it’s like sipping a “spicy PB&J sandwich. They say jammy blackberry sweetness up front, dusty peanut shell at the center, and a chipotle heat that crests before dissipating on the swallow.”

On the other hand, Forbidden Root Restaurant & Brewery in Chicago brews “botanic beers” with different flavors. They make them with roots, herbs, bark, honey, and nuts. Their Forbidden Root Shady Character makes a beer containing roasted chestnuts and black walnuts. A sweeter beer – they spice it with lend, black licorice, star anise, and peppercorns.

Perennial Artisan Ails

Using Nuts In Beer Recipes

Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis, MO, also brews with black walnuts to make its Black Walnut Dunkel. This brewery selected a Dunkelweizen (a dark southern German wheat beer) as the base beer to recreate tasty banana bread with walnut flavors. The flavors were created by yeast and ten pounds of crushed black walnuts per barrel. Then steeped in a mesh bag during secondary fermentation.

It seems there is no limit to breweries using nuts (or other unique flavors) in beers. I hope you will find one of these reportedly delicious beers next time you stop by your favorite craft brewery, and let us know how it was!

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