Whom Are Our Wholesale Dried Fruit And Nuts Customers

For us, selling wholesale dried fruit and nuts, we see the same kinds of customers come to us each week. Our customers fit into four main types of customers.

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bakeries
  • Caterers And Catering Halls
  • Product Manufacturers


Restaurants Using Dried Fruit And Nuts Wholesalers
A restaurant has a unique use of a local seller of wholesale dried fruit and nuts. Typically, restaurants use US Foods or Sodexo or Sysco. We are comfortable seeing last minute changes. Menu changes that require an extra hundred pounds of walnuts. Or a party that requires deserts for a few hundred people on Saturday. That might require a better deal then the big food companies can offer.

The restaurant (such as The Lowry) can get dried fruits and nuts from US Foods or Sodexo, but the problem is on the website. The website will charge them a higher rate. They come to a specific supplier to negotiate a much better price than Sodexo or US Foods or Chef Warehouse or anything like that.

In New Jersey and New York, a lot of the times you’ve got to speak to the Chef or Buyer and try and figure out what they’re paying. Due to the large amount of wholesalers, we always work at beating those big business prices. Other times, you give them your best price. Sometimes a connection to a farmer just gives us the lower price without even going any lower to beat out the big corporations. So, it really all depends on the customer.

Managing food costs at restaurants is very hard, tight, business where people really want to get the most bang for their buck.

They want to see that they’re actually going to save $10 on a case or $8 on a case every time they order. That is what these customer want to see, they want to see that they’re saving money as opposed to giving, for example, Cisco, the business and they’re paying a dollar extra per pounds or 75 cents extra per pound and the case is costing them $23 more opposed to $23 dollars less that they’re saving.


Hotels And Their Dried Fruit And Nuts Wholesalers
Some hotels buy natural foods in bulk for events or groups coming in. Or They want to buy dried fruits and nuts and have us put them in small packaging for them. They usually give us all the details and we buy the bags and we print out the labels. These bags end up at the hotel boutiques and hotel gift shops. In addition, we package the food so they can sell it on their own.


Bakeries Use A Dried Fruit And Nuts Wholesaler
Our relationship with bakeries should be obvious if you eat pastries.

If you have ever tried, it is a real pain in the ass to chop your own almonds. So, when a bakery needs a quick 25 pounds of bulk sliced natural almonds they call us. Almonds and walnuts and then raisins are the one and two and three sold items for the bakeries of New Jersey and America.

Caterers And Catering Halls

Catering Halls Using Dried Fruit And Nuts Wholesalers
The Catering Hall Chefs and the Catering Hall Food Purchasers are the ones that we deal with most. They are going to purchase the products from us. Catering halls and catering businesses are both on the rise for our business. In particular, we have in-bound and outbound careering clients. Meaning that we’ll deliver to catering halls that would throw parties at their venues or we service the caterers themselves in their kitchens before the event. We call them mobile caterers who prep the food at their place and then they go set up at a catering hall.

These mobile caterers will do weddings, bar mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, Quinceaneras, everything. Also, increasingly, small parties for businesses and corporate events. Many of the small event chefs are getting bigger each year. Moving into supplying huge corporate companies with food and they’re working with bigger New Jersey and New York corporate events.

Product Manufacturers

Product Manufacturers and Dried Fruit And Nuts Wholesalers
When we supply wholesale dried fruit and nuts, small businesses are the best customers. We define our product manufacturers as any company located in America that is manufacturing an end consumer food product. These products are individually packaged for sale online or in stores. Some of the examples of products include biscotti, cookies, and salads.

Gradually, these product manufacturers get big enough. Eventually, they purchase from larger wholesalers. When you get a purchase order for thousands of products you need to scale up. That might mean that your production requires pallets holding a thousand pounds each. Perhaps you want to save the most money by getting a container load. Those containers can come with as much as 30,000 pounds. A larger Wholesaler, Grower, or Importer might be able to give you a better deal. As a dried fruit and nuts wholesaler, we do our best to give the best price and keep our customers coming back. We are also proud to be a part of the