Product Review: Socially conscious tees and hats perfect for Summer from ‘Nuts And Bolls’

With a product tagline, “preserving agricultural heritage”, a new clothing company, “Nuts And Bolls” donates 10% of its profits to the Georgia FFA Foundation, which promotes agricultural education.

Summer 2017 is almost here, and it’s time to prepare for your favorite outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Outdoors enthusiasts will agree that comfortable, casual, inexpensive items are the best when you plan to spend the day communing with nature. Check out the tees and caps from Nuts And Bolls, if you want to do something good while you have fun.

Nuts And Bolls T-Shirts

Their tees come in various sizes and styles for both men and women. Their clothes have moderate prices that allow you to announce to the world that you support the agriculture industry. Whether you like pink, blue, grey, white, or darker shades closer to black, the line has a color for you. They also come in short and long sleeves. Perhaps, good choices for your next camping trip. Go with short sleeves when the sun is high. Wear long sleeves when it cools off later at night.

Nuts And Bolls Lady T Shirt

Nuts And Bolls Caps

The caps make great companions on a hiking or fishing trip. They are durable and do their part to shield you from the hot summer sun. (Like summer sun and fun? Click here.) The caps come in a variety of colors and styles. These hats have a mesh backing and an adjustable snap closure.

The company was founded by a farmer’s daughter, Megan Williams. She believes that agriculture is a noble industry that needs more widespread support. For this reason, she donates 10% of all her sales to the Georgia FFA, which trains people in vocational pursuits necessary to work on a farm. The organization is nearly a century old, founded in 1928.

In addition to tee shirts and caps, Nuts And Bolls also sells sweatshirts, koozies, and car decals. This socially conscious apparel will fit into your plans wherever you are this Summer. If you appreciate fresh food like vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts, you can show some appreciation for the farmer who grows your favorite treats with a purchase from Nuts And Bolls.

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