7 Must Have Enhancements for Your Summer BBQ

If you’re NUTS for summer BBQs, we have some ideas!

The great American Summer BBQ season is now in full swing. There are seven ways to make your party stand out from your neighbors. The good old-fashioned summer BBQ is a steadfast American tradition; here’s how to make yours stand out.

Summertime is hot!

Your backyard guests will need to be kept hydrated. Instead of just serving plain old-fashioned water – take a tip from the spa crowd and

1. Add some fresh fruit and vegetables to the mix.

Lemon, lime, cucumber, and fresh berries create a pretty and tasty addition to otherwise dull H2O.

You can make a big batch in advance, allowing some time for the nutrients and flavors to infuse the water, and then refill pitchers all afternoon. Top each one off with a sprig or two of fresh mint as a beautiful finishing garnish.

2. Use Old Kiddie Pools as Giant Coolers for Your Event

It’s a festive way of refreshing sodas, beers, and other beverages all day.

3. Don’t Let Your Guests Get “Bugged Down.”

Set around decorative bowls filled with items like fans and sunscreen. The tiniest amenities can make all the difference for their long-term comfort at your BBQ.

4. Add Lights (so the party is sure to go after hours)

Remember, the more creative the light displays, the greater the ambiance.

5. Don’t Forget The Lawn Games

Favorites like horseshoes, bocci ball, and even tic tac toe can go a long way to add enjoyment to your event. You can even do something more creative, like paint rocks and a stump for an ‘au natural’ game of tic-tac-toe. Games are a requirement of the Summer BBQ season.

6. Create a Stationary Tables-cape or 2

While most of your tables will be for the “real food” your guests will require for the energy to have fun, it doesn’t hurt to set up one or stationary masterpieces with seasonally appropriate decorations.

Dried flowers, seashells, and other characteristic summer treasures can be placed on this table to stimulate enlightening conversations and reminiscence about the summer memories of long ago.

7. Last But Not Least, Don’t Forget The Music

Prepare a playlist filled with a range of tunes from all decades. The only thing to remember is that each of them should bring about great summer feelings.

Good Luck with Your Summer Fiestas

Need healthy snacks to feed guests in between hamburgers and skewers? Buy some bulk nuts and dried fruits to create bowls of healthy trail mix. Keep them snacking all day long to keep them happy.

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