A New Partnership With The Rescue Mission Of Salt Lake City

Last week, Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit had the opportunity to join the Rescue Mission Of Salt Lake City. I came to Salt Lake City to expand our nut and dried fruit business in the West. Now, Salt Lake City is our hub and we have access to more products being grown on farms in California. Part of this partnership is access to food for that who are having trouble finding a home.

Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City

Opening in 1972, the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City takes care of Utah’s most hungry and vulnerable. They deliver three meals per day and offer emergency services and shelter. I also found out that they go even a step further, offering employment counseling and addiction recovery services. This is a very unique differentiation in my experience with aid services alike Rescue Mission. They deal with healing the actual root causes of homelessness and hunger in Salt Lake City.


Feeding The Homeless Population Of Utah

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City offers a day and night shelter for people who are homeless. They are offering three hot meals a day, showers, clothing, laundry facilities, and counseling. They also offer family food boxes that contain 20 meals to provide for a working family. This can especially help with food shortages


Food Prepared Before The Donation

When we found out that we could help donate to the kitchen, we looked at the available food. Brett Davis went through his supply and gave us peanuts and peaches. Peaches are one of the best, low-sugar fruits.

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City delivers meals to families as well as feeding people inside their facility. So each bag had to be individually packed. We are a wholesale company, so, it was up to me to pack up the bags. Below is a picture of a huge, 25-pound bag of dried peach, cut up into little bits.


We took all the peaches and put them in huge five-ounce bags.

Dried Peaches in Bags

Then, we did the same thing for our fresh peanuts both raw and roasted which come in seventy-five one-pound bags. I brought well over 100 bags of peanuts to the Rescue Mission before leaving town. I will be back with more donations. The more food we handle, the more food we get to give. Therefore, I am glad that we could become a food sponsor for the Rescue

Mission. http://rescuesaltlake.org/donate/corporate-sponsorships


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