A Profile Of Robert Cheeke | Vegan Bodybuilder, Author, and Speaker

‘The Vegan lifestyle is a compassionate way to live that supports life, supports fairness and equality, and promotes freedom.’
This quote was pronounced by Robert Cheeke, one of the most famous Vegan Bodybuilder Leaders of the modern era.

Born in March 2 1980, in Oregon, Robert Cheeke is an accomplished American bodybuilder, motivational speaker, and author. He is also a Vegan Activist and spends his time touring the United States for speaking engagements to motivate people. Robert Cheeke is most well know as a Vegan Bodybuilder and is well respected as a celebrity in both the vegan community and among competitive bodybuilders. Robert is considered one of VegNews Magazine‘s Most Influential Vegan Athletes.

He was an athlete in High School. Then he took to the vegan lifestyle. Then becoming a bodybuilder later in adulthood.

In a interview given on veganbodybuilding.com, Mr. Cheeke talked about his decision to become Vegan and to stop eating animal based foods. His personal story started in childhood, in a farm, where I grew up as a kid. There, he developed an ‘appreciation for animals’, that he defines as a form of respect or empathy that people could have over their pets.

Robert Cheeke Profile Picture

As Robert Cheeke talks about his childhood, it is clear that he stopped eating the standard American diet at the age of 15. That is precisely when his way of life changed, as well as his physical transformation. Indeed, it took him 8 years only to achieve his goal of becoming a competitive bodybuilder of 150 pounds, in 2003.

The Robert Cheeke Nutrition Program

When asked what’s his favorite source of protein, Robert Cheese has a tough time answering. He is eating so many different varieties of food he can’t choose just one. Tackling the stereotype that says Vegan people always eat the same thing. His favorites dishes are from many different ethnicities. The main components of his nutrition program are rice, vegetables, beans, greens, and so on. Thus, Robert Cheeke relies on many sources of protein within the same meal.

As for his favorite plates, he claims that both fruits and burritos are his weakness. Eating burritos almost everyday is one of the easiest way to include rice, beans, and avocado in the same dish. Burritos are a thing that is very protein dense and stomach filling. Plus they are easy to carry.

Robert Cheeke On The Gym

Robert Cheeke is the best-selling author of Shred It! His other accomplishments including winning two natural bodybuilding champions. Finally he is the Founder of VeganBodybuilding.com.

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