Geoff Palmer | Bringing Vegan Fitness Nutrition As The CEO And Founder Of Clean Machine

Geoff Palmer is the CEO and founder of Clean Machine. It’s an all-natural, plant-based fitness equipment company. What equipment? Powders and pills. The best. Built for Vegans in high endurance training.

Every bit of the manufacturing happens in two American facilities. One facility in Arizona and the other in Tennessee. An amazing triumph for a supplement companies that traditionally find their manufacturing outside of America. Clean Machine has been doing it this way for six years. Geoff Palmer himself has been in the natural products and supplement industry for over 30 years. He says, “I’ve been doing it pretty much my entire working life.”

Starting The Company – Clean Machine

Geoff Palmer saw a unique opportunity to start Clean Machine and create non-synthetic products. A lot of the supplements on the market are made synthetically, which translates to chemically and in a laboratory. Opposingly, Clean Machine does not use any synthetics at all. All of the vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring in plants. Geoff Palmer notes, “We use whole plants and plant extracts. Everything is what you would eat in nature in a stronger version. But nothing is synthetically made.”

Vegan Fitness Nutrition With Clean Machine
Clean Machine currently sells in over a thousand locations across the country. The products sell very well on Amazon. Social media and direct online marketing are the best channels that lead to sales. Since the products are plant-based, they have a really strong following with vegan and vegetarians. In particular, it is Geoff Palmer himself, as a 55 year old man, that is the best person to reach customers like him. A lot of people find inspiration that at 55, he can be a natural bodybuilding and natural physique champion. He is a celebrity and champion that has gained a fan base that will help him promote Clean Machine.

Producing The First Completely Vegan Bodybuilding Show In The World, Ever.

The show Clean Machine doing in Florida on December 1, 2018, is going to be 100%, nothing but Vegans and that must be Vegan for at least one year or longer. So, it will be the first of its kind ever done on the planet. Geoff Palmer is very excited.

Fort Lauderdate Florida VegfestVegan Bodybuilding Show will be at the Fort Lauderdale VegFest. We are combining one of the most successful VegFests in the state of Florida with Live Expos we do for Clean Machine. We’ve partnered together with the Naturally Fit Federation in Austin, Texas. They are doing the show at the Fort Lauderdale VegFest. So, Naturally Fit, Clean Machine, and VegFest are teaming up together to make this show happen.

Clean Machine TeamThis event is designed to get people exposed to a new ways of eating. We want them to try some foods that they never had and learn about nutrition and supplementation. They can make these dietary changes correctly. Therefore, we want to show off our athletes to show, “Hey, look, this is what’s possible on a plant-based diet.” Our athletes include Korin Sutton, three-time pro-time bodybuilder. Korin won the bodybuilding competition last year while a Vegan. Natalie Matthews is a six-year vegan and Chef. Chad Byers is a champion in physique and a fitness model. He is a seven-year vegan.

Customers Are People

A person becomes a potential customer when Geoff hears, “I want to be healthy like you, and I want to be fit like you. How?” The reasons are all similar. People of all ages want to live a healthy, fit life. All the way to the end. They want this for their kids, for their families, and their communities. Geoff Palmer has seen friends and family struck with cancer and heart attacks and strokes and diabetes. (Read about my personal journey with diabetes here.)This also includes the very common high blood pressure and hypertension. Consequently, all the basic diet caused diseases. These potential customers are saying, “Maybe it’s time for me to change. I’m going to end up exactly where they were. Having all my money taken away by the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors and the hospitals and the insurance companies.”

Geoff Palmer lost both of his parents when they were younger then he is at 55 years of age. Both his parents were college professors. His mother in psychiatry and his father in english literature. His intention is to resist following the path that his parents took. Geoff has none of those issues that plagued his family. He takes no medications whatsoever. He has not seen a doctor in 20 years. Specifically, it was a point of pride that Geoff Palmer doesn’t carry any insurance. His opinion is that there is no reason to carry insurance if you are choosing what to put in your mouth. As a result, he has made the choice to not pay out to pharmaceuticals, hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies. Spend that money on good food instead.

Geoff Palmer will reap the rewards with his health and longevity. With a wife that he wants to be with because he loves her to pieces. He will outlive us all.