Geoff Palmer | Bringing Vegan Fitness Nutrition as The CEO and Founder Of Clean Machine

Geoff Palmer is the CEO and founder of Clean Machine. Clean Machine is an all-natural, plant-based fitness nutrition company. Their line of high-quality powders and supplements is built for fans of Vegan fitness nutrition. The customers are usually taking part in high-endurance training.

Clean Machine Manufacturing

Clean Machine manufacturing is done within two American facilities. One in Arizona and the other in Tennessee. This is an amazing triumph for a supplement company that traditionally finds its manufacturing outside of America. Clean Machine has been doing it this way for over six years, and Palmer himself has been in the natural product and supplement industry for over 30 years. Saying, “I’ve been doing it pretty much my entire working life.”

Geoff Palmer, Clean Machine Online

Meeting him, you can tell he takes his own products. He is clearly a poster for the industry of Vegan fitness nutrition.

Starting The Company – Clean Machine

Geoff Palmer saw a unique opportunity to start Clean Machine and create non-synthetic products. A lot of supplements in the market are being made synthetically. This translates to chemical and in a laboratory. Opposingly, Clean Machine does not use any synthetics at all. All vitamins and minerals that make up the ingredient list are naturally occurring in plants. Geoff Palmer notes, “We use whole plants and plant extracts. Everything is what you would eat in nature but in a stronger version. Nothing is synthetically made.”

Vegan Fitness Nutrition With Clean Machine

Clean Machine is currently available in over a thousand locations across the country and sell very well on Amazon. Social media and direct online marketing are the best channels that lead to sales. Since the products are plant-based, they have a particularly strong following in the vegan and vegetarian communities.

In particular, it is Geoff Palmer himself a 55-year-old man, that is the best person to reach customers. Many people find inspiration that at 55, he can be a natural bodybuilding and natural physique champion. He is a celebrity champion that has built a fan base that now helps him promote his company Clean Machine.

Producing The First Completely Vegan Bodybuilding Show in the World, Ever.

Clean Machine is putting on an exciting show in Florida on December 1st. The requirements include being 100% vegan for a minimum of one year. Being the first of its kind ever, it’s no surprise that Geoff Palmer is very excited.

Veg Fest 2019

The Vegan Bodybuilding Show will be at the Fort Lauderdale VegFest. We are combining one of the most successful VegFests in the state of Florida with the Live Expos we do for Clean Machine. We’ve partnered with the Naturally Fit Federation in Austin, Texas. So Naturally Fit, Clean Machine, and VegFest are all teaming up to put on an awesome show.

Clean Machine Team

This event focus on getting people exposure to a new way of eating. We encourage them to try foods that they have never had. Learn about both nutrition and supplementation. The goal is to show off our athletes. Visitors can see their success. They will then think “Hey, look, this is what’s possible on a plant-based diet.”

Our athletes will include Korin Sutton, a three-time pro bodybuilder. Korin won the bodybuilding competition last year while living a vegan lifestyle. Additionally, Natalie Matthews, a bikini athlete, six-year vegan, and Chef. Allie, The Bunny, is a champion in AEW Professional Wrestling and a fitness model who will be stopping by.

Customers Are People

A person becomes a potential customer when Geoff hears, “I want to be healthy like you and I want to be fit like you. How?” The reasons are all similar. People of all ages want to live a healthy, fit and happy life. They want this for their kids, their families, and their communities.

Geoff Palmer witnesses friends and family struck with cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes. High blood pressure and hypertension make the commonly diagnosed list as well. Consequently, he feels the standard American diet causes these diseases.

Vegan Fitness Nutrition Diet Choices

Potential customers are saying, “Maybe it’s time for me to change. I’m going to end up exactly where they were. The pharmaceutical companies and the doctors and the hospitals and the insurance companies take all the money”.

Geoff Palmer sadly lost both of his parents when they were young, younger than his current age of 55. Both of his parents were college professors. His mother is in psychiatry and his father is in English literature. His intention is to resist following the same path that his parents took. Geoff suffers from none of the health issues that plagued his family.

Geoff Palmer On A Mission

As a result, Geoff takes no medications and hasn’t seen a doctor in 20 years. Specifically, it was a point of pride that Geoff Palmer doesn’t carry any health insurance. His opinion is that there is no reason to carry insurance if you are choosing what to put in your mouth. As a result, he has made the choice to not pay out to pharmaceuticals, hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies. Spending that money on good food instead.

Undoubtedly, Geoff Palmer has reaped the rewards of his commitment to a healthy lifestyle. He’s securing a probable life of longevity alongside a wife whom he loves to pieces, and may ultimately outlive us all.

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