Adding Fats to Your Smoothie

You’re adding fats to your smoothie? – You must be NUTS!

Believe it or not, adding natural fat from nuts to your favorite smoothie recipe can increase its benefits. Plus, you get to remove synthetic protein powders.

Eating clean, exercising more, and learning a new stress management technique are common New Year’s resolutions. NBC news actually lists “Get Healthy” as the top New Year’s resolution for 2017, with 62,776,640 online searches, a 13.77 percent increase over last year during the same time period.

If you’re one of these Americans trying to transform yourself into a health nut (no pun intended) consuming more green smoothies may be on the agenda. Incredible Smoothies recommends adding some fat, in the form of nuts and seeds, to your favorite smoothie recipe. They say it “can make the smoothie more satisfying and keep you energized until lunchtime.”

Just which nuts do they recommend? They go on to say, “Raw almonds, cashews, or macadamia nuts are great options if you have a high-speed blender that can powder them prior to mixing your smoothie”. In addition, they say that avocados help you to create a thick creamy texture for a smoothie; adding fats to your smoothie with a teaspoon of olive oil gives you a healthy dose of lipids. Adding seeds of the chia and flax variety will provide you with a healthy dose of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Now that you’re equipped with great tips on how to create a balanced concoction, I guess you are wondering when is the best time to consume a smoothie. Incredible Smoothies recommends a green smoothie as a meal replacement for breakfast and/or lunch, but not dinner. For breakfast, they say a green smoothie furnishes you with tons of energy that may even be enough to replace your caffeine addiction; for lunch, they provide a healthy alternative to the fast food temptation. They warn that replacing your dinner with a green smoothie may cause gas and bloat. This healthy eating can be socially isolating as many people tend to enjoy large evening meals with friends and loved ones.

Recipes That Encourage Adding Fats To Your Smoothie

Try their Winter Carrot Apple Ginger Green Smoothie Recipe and add some delicious additional sweetness and protein to it by blending in cashews. You can shop for cashews in bulk on Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit at this link. If weight loss is your primary goal, try their recipe for an Apple Coconut Weight Loss Booster smoothie. You can also get the coconut flakes you will need to make this recipe here on Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit here.

After you’re powered up with an all-natural green smoothie energy for a few weeks, drop us a comment. Let us know how it worked out! Even better, tell us some interesting tips you garnered from getting creative with your recipes on your own. Happy Belated New Year.

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