Alfred Reeves | Competitor at The 2018 Transformation Competition at The Naturally Fit Super Show

Alfred Reeves

Alfred Reeves is a retired Air force captain, from El Paso, TX. (Thank you for your service Alfred.) What you don’t see here is that at one point, Alfred was over 350 lbs. and had bilateral knee replacements.

Reason For Competing In The 2018 Transformation Competition

When asked what inspires him to compete, Alfred said “It was time to make a change in his life as he had lost confidence, felt depressed, and with young kids he could not be active with them with so many limitations”. Alfred Reeves works as a Spiritual Transformation Coach. For full grounding, he needs to be fit both physically and spiritually.

For Alfred, true transformation means being grounded with mother earth. Clean eating, an adequate amount of rest, exercise, and connecting to nature regularly allow Alfred spiritual growth.

Alfred Reeves Thanking His Supporters

He would like to thank his wife Portia who supports his journey and dreams. Also, twin teenage boys Devean and Jayson who he takes to the gym to teach. They are now his workout partners.

Finally, his gym in El Paso is Raw Fitness, and the trainers provided motivation, direction, and energy. Stating “they took him way out of my conform zone to high cardio workouts for greater success.”

Raw Fitness El Paso

In Alfred’s own words: “We all have the ability to succeed in our lives if we believe.” His twin boys are 15 years old by the way…you go, Alfred!

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