Anita Turner | Competitor At The 2018 Transformation Competition At The Naturally Fit Super Show

Anita Turner is a Program Manager and ordained minister from Katy, TX

Anita’s inspiration was a little different from those we have heard so far. April was inspired by an insult. So when she was told that “She might be wonder woman but she DID NOT have the body of wonder woman, her response was “well, I will”….and boy did she show him.

A Huge Loss From Anita Turner By Any Measurement

Anita Turner, Naturally Fit Super Show

Anita’s transformation began in December of 2016, when she weighed 278 pounds. From the Christmas of 2016 through to today, she has been dedicated to her diet and regular fitness routine. This includes staying away from the sugar and carbs while maintaining a dedication to train 5 days a week.

She went from 278 to 232 in 2017. After that 46 pound loss, she entered the competition and started loosing even more weight. At the time of the weigh in for the 2018 Transformation Competition at the Naturally Fit Super Show she weighed in at 192 pound. Anita Turner lost another 40 pounds to compete in this competition.

To celebrate Anita says she is going to go on another zip line excursion before getting back to the gym where she wants to continue to he transformation by losing another 30 pounds and 6% more body fat.

Anita would like to thanks her daughter Lillie Schmidt and Todd & Alberta Tanner

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