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Types of Events

Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit is always looking for events to sponsor. Food and health events specifically are always a good fit. Some examples include events focusing on organic food, cooking demonstration, food trucks, Instagram food events, and Spartan races. And the list goes on.

As a wholesaler, we give toward two major forms of event sponsorships:

Business Sponsorship

Local businesses often look for opportunities to give back to their community. The great thing about these event sponsorships is that not only do companies receive tax benefits (as their sponsorship fee is considered a donation), but they also receive exposure through presence at the event. Local business sponsors also create a greater likelihood that they might bring in more participants and the local press to the event.

Organic Wholesaler As An Event Sponsor

A food sponsorship allows them to reach out to new potential customers. They also receive free publicity through media coverage. Another benefit is that sponsoring an event can give employers an opportunity to engage employees and business partners in a social setting outside of the workplace. Doing so brings about teamwork and goodwill within the company. It can also align a brand with the charity or cause behind the event.

One example of this was our past sponsorship of the Maccabi Games. We donated food products that we took time to import to Israel for the culinary games. We packaged them ourselves and were able to feed competitors, judges, and other sponsors.

Media Sponsorship

Another integral part of creating the right kind of exposure for food events is through the use of media. This use of purchasing media as a medium for event dissemination is called media sponsorship. The challenge of setting up and publicizing your event is what organizers always face. Some events take many years of dedication before they can get the attendance they desire. With limited budgets, the reality of buying airtime can exhaust resources.

Organic Wholesaler As Media Event Sponsor

It is through media sponsorship that your event gains the opportunity to get aired through media forms. This kind of support allows for stretching your marketing budget, print placement, and more commercial airing coverage. Most often, media sponsorship is applied through the following – radio, print, television, outdoor, and social media advertising.

A local media sponsor might even focus on one medium. A single sponsor will pay for shirts to be printed. Another may push the event to their customers or employees. Some local sponsors might even create a specialty dish just for the event and then promote that dish. We have been seeing more and more printing on cups, plates, and bags for the attendees.

How to Land Food Sponsorships

Remember that each form of sponsorship has its own goals. Since we started as a dried fruit and nut wholesaler with a mission, we want events, tradeshows, contests, and fairs with a charitable mission. Corporate participation in an event is a win/win. Together we create a good image along with a good reputation in the community. With this intention, we can create the very definition of a win/win situation for both of us.

Bringing On A Food Wholesaler As An Event Sponsor

When we sponsor a food event, we recognize that the more successful the event is, the more publicity we will receive as a sponsor. So, when you call or email any food wholesaler, remember that both of your missions should align. Tell us how the event will bring the community together. In reality, we want to associate with Event Producers like you.

What Can You Offer Food Event Sponsors?

In return for sponsoring your event, we want exposure. Specifically, online marketing exposure. We, as your dried fruit and nuts wholesaler event sponsor, are looking for ways to increase our exposure within the community. Use these ten ideas to help promote your food sponsor’s involvement.

  1. Display sponsor logos on your organization’s website and add a link from your organization’s web pages to sponsor websites.
  2. Develop a way for the sponsor’s product to be used at your event.
  3. Print sponsor names on invitations and event materials. use a self-inking stamp to save on printing costs.
  4. Include displays encouraging attendees to support or frequent the sponsor’s business.
  5. Set up tables for sponsor product samples/materials at your event.
  6. Distribute sponsor advertising materials to participants as inserts in programs or newsletters.
  7. Include photos of participants, staff, etc. wearing sponsor logos in media packets.
  8. Lend sponsor’s use of event photos for their own publications and promotions.
  9. Include sponsor names or logos in your organization’s newsletter article about the event.
  10. Acknowledge the sponsors in all media materials—like media advisory and press releases—about the event.

Interested in a Dried Fruit and Nut Wholesaler?

We want to learn about your next event! We believe that nurturing a relationship with event sponsors is ongoing. We want these relationships for years to come. Even though it may take time, the payoffs are huge. A health-focused event with a healthy product sponsor will create a relationship where everyone involved can benefit.

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