How To Figure Out If You Have High Blood Glucose Numbers

We are not going to bore you with an entire paragraph of what is Diabetes and what is glucose. If you are starting to test your blood for glucose levels like I am then you see a number and do not understand the significance.

After some research, under 140 is a safe number to wake up from fasting. Under 100 is a normal pre-Diabetic number. I heard this from medical professionals in Philadelphia and confirmed it with WebMD. A fasting sugar of between 240 and 300 is considered very high and indicates that diabetes is out of control. 300 and up is in the Danger Zone. That is a number that calls out for a doctor’s office visit as soon as possible for testing. Don’t rush off to the hospital if you feel fine. Drink some water to bring that number down. Then work on a plan for your health that works.

For two years, I have been testing my blood when I get up in the morning. Hello World! What is my number this morning?

Let me show you what high sugars look like over one week

  • 1st Day – April 29 – 139
  • 2nd Day – April 30 – 159
  • 3rd Day – May 1st – 147
  • 4th Day – May 2nd – 160
  • 5th Day – May 3rd – 169
  • 6th Day – May 4th – 160
  • 7th Day – May 5th – 185

…And the total is? Just kidding. You don’t need a total. It is numbers taken from a blood glucose monitor each morning for a week. Before food and drink can settle in. I have been experimenting with taking one pill of Janumet just before bed to try and bring these numbers down. Janumet is designed to reduce those high blood glucose numbers. It is a pharmaceutical and as such is expensive and a short-term solution and man-made.

So these numbers are high. I will be sad all day if I wake up with high sugar. It sets me to some regret that is unjustified. Why did I eat that cookie? That fajita was a bad choice. I should have skipped dinner. It will plague me. But if I get a good number, like 117, I celebrate and dance around.

Call your doctor immediately. You can ask any doctor, nurse, or nutritionist what to do if your numbers are high like mine. The best thing for me is to go cold turkey. Clean out the system, detox, and get those numbers down.

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