Popularity Of Almond Milk Leads To Production Of Macadamia Nut Milk

When thinking about types of nut milk, usually almond milk comes to mind. Consumers can buy almond milk in many things these days, including coffee drinks sold at your local grocery store.

I recently read about another nut moving into the milk market-the Hawaii-grown macadamia nut. The market is already enjoying them chocolate-covered, baked into cookies and other treats. Now Hilo-based Royal Hawaiian Orchards is producing macadamia nut milk and is currently selling it to nationwide retailers. Take a look at this Hawaiian-based company. They sell so many kinds of macadamia-based products that it would be difficult to find anything that would interest you.

Three Bowls Of Macadamia Raw In The Shell And Fresh

Interestingly enough, Royal Hawaiian Orchard executives reported that they decided to sell their version of the creamy dairy item because of consumer acceptance of almond milk, and the growing trend of traditional dairy milk substitutes. Usually, milk made from macadamia is produced like any other nut-based milk. By soaking the nut meats in water, mashing them, and then straining the liquid created through a filtered cloth.

Royal Hawaiian Orchard

Royal Hawaiian Orchard’s macadamia nut milk is shelf-stable. They will offer the milk in four flavors—sweetened and unsweetened varieties of both the original flavor and vanilla, each for around $3.49 per gallon. The company also states that its nut milk has 50 percent more calcium than dairy milk. One can enjoy milk as a beverage or use it anywhere as an alternative to cow’s milk. In coffee, tea, cereal, and in baking.

The new, buttery-tasting macadamia nut milk is slated to be available in supermarkets and natural food store shelves. Both locally in Hawaii, and on the Mainland sometime this June. The nut milk segment is growing and evidence is only to walk the shelves in any American supermarket.

An Additional Article On Macadamia Production

We wrote a blog post last month about changes for farmers in Mexico. They are decreasing the coffee crop to start growing macadamia nuts. It is our guess that this increase is to start to satisfy the macadamia nut milk demand. You can read the article here.

Macadamia Nuts Milk
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