Macadamia Nut Production Increases In Mexico

I recently read an interesting report from about Macadamia nuts rising in production so fast that it is replacing coffee. According to the article, the production of Macadamia nuts is a great niche opportunity in Mexico, especially for Puebla and its coffee-growing region, because of its climate and terrain.

Macadamia Production Rises Past The Coffee Crop In Mexico

Hawaii started and developed the Macadamia nut industry, but the Macadamia tree originated in Australia. The tree has glossy green foliage and clusters of beautiful white to pink blossoms and will reach 30 feet. The Macadamia has a long life and begins nut production five to seven years after planting.

Macadamia Nut Production Increases In Mexico

According to the article, Macadamia nut production increases is the leading option for Mexico to convert the productive coffee growing areas. It would allow the region of Pueblo to improve its income. The coffee sector has been facing production issues because of the rust plague. And the nut is being promoted in the coffee sector as an alternative growing crop. In addition, the Macadamia Nut sells for just under $10 per pound in America. However, its cost has surpassed well above $10 per pound in recent days. While Macadamia nut production increases follow a higher sales price, the coffee bean prices are also moving upwards, leading to higher sale prices.

Macadamia Nut Production Increases Could Lead To Food Policy Changes In Mexico

Experts say that the state of Puebla in Mexico is the second-largest producer of macadamia nuts in the country. The biggest consumers of Macadamia nuts from Puebla are of Asian origins and live in Mexico or the US. Macadamia nuts are often prepared roasted or fried in popular Asian recipes. Its crops can be profitable production, and the Mexican government is seeking to promote it via its agricultural policy.

Macadamia nuts taste great and can be used in cooking, especially baking. Additionally, the cosmetics industry also is a big fan because of its oil content and quality. Rich in oleic omega-9 acid, Macadamia nuts also reduce the risk of heart disease. Additionally, it helps fight diabetes, helps digest foods, stimulates the immune system, and has antioxidant effects.

You can read the full post on the Nutritional Benefits of Macadamia Nuts here.

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