Top Summer Vacation Destinations That Are Good For Your Health

Go healthy or stay home! While taking a break from work you should also take a break from some unhealthy habits.

Memorial Day weekend, starting Friday May 26th this year, is the ‘unofficial, official’ start to the Summer vacation season. If you don’t have your summer vacation plans set yet, consider this:

According to the Huffington Post, a study done at Erasmus University in Rotterdam found that among 1,500 Dutch adults, in which 974 of them took a vacation, those who took time off were happier than those who did not. They attribute this mostly to the excitement people experience in anticipation for their vacation.

When you sit down to plan your next vacation consider destinations that take you away from work as well as some unhealthy habits, a casualty of a hectic lifestyle. These mind-body-soul retreats are available around the country and the world. We list some top summer vacation destinations below:

Here are the top 5 according to

  1. Canyon Ranch Resort And Spa in Lenox, MA: This mountain retreat is a blast from the past in the Berkshires. Set in a renovated, old mansion you can treat yourself to limitless spa treatments, yoga classes and gourmet healthy meals.Canyon Ranch Resort And Spa
  2. Fisher Island Club in Fisher Island, FL:  Seven minutes from Miami, the Fisher Island Club offers an over-the-top spa, golf, tennis and swimming. Frequented by celebrities, due to the retreats guarantee of endless privacy, you can soak in the sun while you keep an eye out for your favorite movie star.
  3. Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, TX: Billing itself as “America’s Favorite All-Inclusive Spa” it’s said to be at its peak during the summer, where it’s considered camp for adults! Paddle boarding, yoga and the delightful “Lakeside Spa” all make for an adventure to remember.Lake Austin
  4. Miraval Resort in Tucson, AZ: Privy to panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert, nature is right outside of your door at this oasis retreat. Choose an all-inclusive meal plan complete with daily yoga, aqua fitness classes and floating meditation. Breathe in gorgeous views of wildlife, breathe out the stress of life in crowded metropolitan areas.
  5. Red Mountain Resort in St. George, UT: Nestled in the red rocks of Utah. You can do a mini National Park tour, as both Bryce and Zion are within driving distance. Describing themselves as a ‘getaway from your average getaway’. You can go to partake of healthy meals and an endless choice of activities like guided hikes and biking adventures.Red Mountain Resort

…and Many More.

You CAN find healthy options in unexpected places as well. Read New Jersey Fresh Fruit Truck.

These are but 5 of the countless healthy vacation retreats in the US. We didn’t even begin to explore options outside of the US, which are also plentiful. Before long, we are listing every local day spa all over the world.

Enjoy yourself and reclaim your health this summer. Most of all be safe! If you need some snacks for your trip (and want to keep to that strict vacation budget), pick up some delicious nuts and dried fruit here before you take off.

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